The last lie of Catalan process: second unilateral declaration of independence

Supposedly, last Friday 27th October the Parliament of Catalonia declared the independence of Catalonia and thus began the subsequent creation of the Catalan Republic. In contrast to the (no) declaration of independence made on 10th October by President Puigdemont, which was subsequently suspended, this declaration would have full effect. It was the good one, the real one. One could speak of the lack of legal effect of a unilateral declaration which, like this one, has been made with an insufficient parliamentary majority and with total disregard for constitutional, legal and democratic channels. One could recall that, without international recognition, a country simply does not exist. But it is not necessary, because the secessionists themselves have wished to deprive it of any legal effect. It is true that there is no specific legal formula for declaring independence, especially a unilateral and, by the way, illegal one. All what a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) seeks is to achieve the necessary political effects so that they can then produce the desired legal effects. In other words, it is intended to trigger the aforementioned external recognition, which of course in this case does not occur. However, of all the existing parliamentary mechanisms, the […]