The Catalan problem for dummies

(especially for non-Spanish) Many of you will have read in the newspapers of your respective countries that in a region of Spain called Catalonia there are demonstrations because regional authorities want to call a referendum to achieve independence and the Spanish state refuses. According to the media you have heard, you may have heard on how democratic it is to vote and that Catalonia is therefore right, or perhaps you have been told that the Catalan leaders have skipped the Spanish Constitution and are in a seditious process. Well, we’ll give you some facts. Firstly, we present ourselves: the Hay Derecho Foundation is an independent institution whose purpose is to defend the rule of law. I am, at the moment, the president and, in addition, a lawyer that has served in Catalonia and now in Madrid. Secondly, I’d like to introduce you Spain. It is a country of about 500,000 square kilometres and 46.5 million inhabitants, located in southern Europe. It has a GDP per capita of 24,100 euros (26,528 dollars – Italy 30,000 and France 36,000) in 2016. The Spanish language is spoken, but several regions of Spain have their own official languages. Catalonia is a region in the […]