Cross Border Conversion and the Polbud case: will Ireland or Holland be the new Delawares?

The judgment of the CJEU in the Polbud case further facilitates Cross Border Conversions in Europe and has the potential to bring changes in Company Law in the EU. We should remember that Cross Border Conversion is not just a change in the Company´s address. A change of the registered office from one Member State (the Home Member State) to another (the Host Member State) implies at the same time a change nationality, applicable law, social type and by-laws. The CJEU had previously recognized the right of European companies to carry out a  Cross Border Conversion as a consequence of  the freedom of establishment imposed by the EU treaties (aticles 49 and 54 TFEU), even if the legislation of the affected Member States did not allow it (Cartesio and Vale cases). It had also given certain indications on how to carry out the operation in default these national rules: through the successive application of the laws of conversion and incorporation of the Home and Host Member States. Although it allowed the Member States to establish certain requirements to protect the interests of minority shareholders, creditors and workers of the company, it demanded that they complied with the so called “Gebhard […]